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September 2018:
KOMO TV's very enjoyable and diverse "Lifestyle" program Seattle Refined,

did this awesome segment on us.




The Drive



Warner Brothers "MAD MAX: FURY ROAD" Pre-Screening

May 2015:
The MAD MAX: FURY ROAD pre screening on Monday was stunningly cool! Thank you everyone for coming out! Theatre said this is one of the biggest pre-screenings they have ever had. Thank you very much to Warner Brothers for making us all so welcome, and for making such an INCREDIBLE FILM! I only heard good things from fans coming out of the theatre. Vehicles and action were over the top cool.
Thanks again to WB for having us out as the "Official" promotional replicas, to Bill Brown and the World's First "Fury Road Interceptor" Replica and Dee Vyper with the Worlds First Red XA Bat replica (from Mad Max2)... but especially thank YOU FANS for making this a HUGE show!







May 2015:

We were more than honored a few years back when Microsoftr Game Studios came to our shops and took thousands of photos and measurements to model our own Troy McClure's XBGT Falcon, for the Forza 4 game (so fi you are driving the XB falcon in Forza, your are piloting Troy's car!). Now they have come back to do an articel on us and the Red XA Bat replica from Mad Max 2: The Roadwarrior.





Seattle's "Evening Magazine" TV Show:

May 2015:
If you didn't get the chance to see us featured on the Local  Channel 5 NBC affiliate King TV's show "Evening Magazine" on Monday. If you were with us at the Fury Road Pre Screening or if you are outside of the local Washington state area, or one of our international friends..... Please feel free to check it out here:






Puget Sound Business Journal:

April 2015:
This respectable business publication, published this article about us and the upcoming new film,




Wall Street Journal:

April 2015:
The internationally known and vererable publication, published this article about  the Mad Max Vehicle and Fan community, featuring disscussions with us and others as well athe upcoming new film,

'Mad Max' Fans Prep for Sequel by dusting off Muscle Cars 



Guest Starring on "JUNKYARD EMPIRE" Episode #1:

April 2015:
WEDNESDAY NIGHT (April 22nd 2015) the VELOCITY CHANNEL premered a brand new 'reality' show! There we were able to see the Mad Max Cars crew in action during the premiere episode, as the experts called in for working on the Mad Max replica that belongs to Andy Cohen, one of the stars of the show. Check it out on demand, in re-runs, or on Youtube or Amazon if you missed it the first time out.



DETAILS Magazine:

March 2014:
Historic lifestlye magazine Details, published a really cool article on cars thar were (or are) not legal to own in the USA. See our contribution on the Australian Falcons we love so much. The had this issue until the year we started importing them.




Seattle TIMES:

January 2014:
Our local paper, the Seattle Times, published a really cool article showcasing some of our builds and clients.



 Inked Magazine:

May 2013:
National culture and art magazing "Inked" put out an issue with a great article about "Star Vehicles" See an interceptor we built, along with General Lee batmobile, and the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine.

Inked Life / Drive


M.F.P. & Pinole P.D. at the Pinole Car Show

Mad Max Interceptor 1st place Winner

Mike brought his Prize winning Mad Max Interceptor replica to the Pinole car show recently. He had the above photo to share with this to say: "I was not allowed to win anything as it was an all American car show and I was given a waver about 4 months ago from the guy that runs the show to bring the car. The Pinole PD loved the car and after the show they took pictures of it with 2 of their police cars and asked if I would mind if they used it for their Christmas cards this year.  I told them, as long as I am on their Christmas card list, they can use for anything they want.  Actually, the Pinole PD was kinda upset that I couldn't win anything because it was clearly the most popular car at the show."

Looking AWESOME as usual Mike, KEEP IT UP!




Mad Max Interceptor 1st place Winner

Mike recently took "1st Place - Special Interest" at The recent "Mustangs Plus"  all FORD carshow on April 24th in Stockton CA, and has recently added even more 1st place honors to his trophy case this season. See his Interceptor's listing in our Client Car Gallrey Here 




January 2011:
TBT published a 2 page Article about Movie & TV Hero Cars durning the release of the Green Hornet Movie.   Mad Max Cars was interviewed for contributions on the Interceptor and other famous Star Cars.

Lights Camera Burn Rubber




April 2010:
A quarter page Article featuring the MMC updated Toecutterz style Jim Goose/Toecutter/Bubba Zenetti Fairing kit.  

Apocalyptic Bike Parts




August 2008 and September 2009:
The original article and the follow up, published in ARAMCO's "Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah" Magizine, outlinging the search for a production "Desert Exporer", and the [unfortunately unsuccessful] recovery plans for the 1951 Studebaker Desert Explorer "Sand Car" Prototype in the old Studebaker Proving Ground "Prototype Graveyard".

Studebaker Anyone?

Sand Car Search Followup

April 2007:
A two page Article featuring, an MMC built Pursuit Special (Interceptor) replica, using a genuine XB GT. 

Auto Restorer Magazine



The Tacoma News Tribune:
August 24th 2007:
Mad Max Cars, LeMay Americas Auto Museum, and Roadwar NorthWest (with Vernon Wells) Featured in "Northwest Collector":
NW Collector Article

August 24th 2007: 
About one of our staff member's "First Cars":
My First Car Article

MP3 - radio ad (on 2 local Rock stations for the month leading up to the event):

Bonney Lake Currier Herald:
August 30th 2007:
The Mad Max Cars build of the "Red XA Bat" from The Roadwarrior, was secretly documented, in "Paparazzi" style, featured in an article promoting our Exhaust experts shop (Larry's Classic Quality Muffler, in Bonney Lake, WA). It has some amusingly incorrect information, but it still a fun read.
You can find it on page 1 of the Business section:
XA Bat Story



October 2001:
A two page article about the Australian Falcons showing at the 2001 
"All Ford Day" at Carslile, and Mad Max Cars.

From the Land Down Under

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